Sheltered by Fraser Island, the beach side town of Hervey Bay is a friendly and relaxing place to visit!

Golden beaches stretch for approximately 14 kilometers along the Bay’s foreshore offering families a safe haven to swim or to just enjoy the sand.  A waterfront esplanade links the city's marina with beaches offering calm waters for swimming.  Directly opposite the esplanade, beaches are close to services, facilities and an array of Cafes and Restaurants. Hervey Bay is a popular playground for tourists all year round because of its mild climate

Situated 3 and a half hours drive north of Queensland’s capital, Brisbane, Hervey Bay is a natural bay between the mainland and World Heritage-listed Fraser Island and is widely known as a site for observing humpback whales.

Whale-watching boats operate during the July to November migration season.  Hervey Bay is also a hub for tours to nearby Fraser Island or if you prefer to 4WD you can catch the Barge, Fraser Island has pristine beaches and features a rainforest habitat for dingoes and other wildlife. The largest artificial reef in Australia is at Hervey Bay, covering over 50 underwater sites of different compositions. The Hervey Bay area has some good shallow water, coral-covered reefs and plenty of fish. The marine life here is rich and varied. These waters are home to a myriad of creatures of all shapes, sizes and colors imaginable.

Whale Watching

Possibly the thing Hervey Bay is best known for is the whale watching.  The whales don’t just pass through here on their annual migration to their breeding grounds on the Great Barrier Reef but it’s like a stopover for them, resting, playing and generally putting on quite the display for the appreciative human audience.

Fraser Island

With a position on the UNESCO world heritage list as the worlds largest sand island Fraser is pretty special.  The 123 km long island provides shelter to the Wide Bay coastline on the mainland and has a host of fun and fascinating things to see and do.  Explore rainforests that sprouting directly from the sand, swim in crystal clear lakes, see unique rainbow-coloured cliffs and climb giant sand dunes.

Urangan Pier

Perhaps the heart of Hervey Bay is the Urangan Pier area.  The historic pier began construction back in 1913 to transport cargo between rail and the deepwater ships.  Originally over 1 km in length it’s now reduced slightly to 868 m and has been fully restored.  It’s a popular spot for fishermen and a stroll in the sea air with great views, we tend to walk it most days when we are in the area.

Get out on the bay

If you prefer to be out on the water rather than looking at it then there are plenty of choices along the beachfront in Hervey Bay.  Options include a sailing adventure or exploring the Great Sandy Strait and Fraser Island from a Jetski.

Aquavue Cafe in Torquay

Offers a stunning spot to sit with coffee watching the world go by or you can hire a Jetski, kayak, SUP or catamarans right on the beachfront here.  They also run a range of guided Jetski tours including one that heads out to Fraser Island.

Wet Side Water Park

The water play park is a whole lot of fun for younger kids with a large water play area that’s free to use.  There’s a nice cafe here for parents to keep watch too and water slides available at an affordable prices

Walk or cycle the Esplanade

The waterfront walkway and cycle path runs for around 15 kilometres from the boat harbour at Urangan through to Gatakers Bay.  It’s a wide walkway that is mostly flat with sections sheltered by trees and includes many places to stop in the parks and rest stops along the way.

In Queensland, you need to wear a cycle helmet whether cycling on the road or the path, both options are allowed.  Bikes and scooters need to keep left, slow down and sound their bell when they approach people and are required to give way to pedestrians.  If you are on foot avoid blocking the path for others.

It’s a really beautiful walk or ride through here, most of the way you can see the water or catch glimpses through the trees providing areas of shade over the path.

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